About Me

I’m Anya Davies and have been working in TV production and broadcasting for 16 years.

I started out in 1998 in publicity at a TV arts production company, moving on to acquisitions and commissioning for an international broadcaster in 2000 and rights management in 2003 for a UK terrestrial broadcaster.

In 2004 I trained as a sound engineer and have since worked on countless productions for Sky, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and many others, either in an audio production or post-production role.

In 2007, recognising an emerging market, I moved in to IPTV and have since produced, directed and delivered over 200 video packages for broadcasters and companies including ITV, Channel 4 and E4, as well as behind the scenes technical supervision as a freelancer for clients such as the Royal Opera House, Universal and Sony.

I am an experienced HDV and DSLR camera person, sound engineer, editor and all round producer and director of short-form content.

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